Summer in the allotment garden

The flowers are blossoming in my allotment garden, the Humulus lupulus at the entrance will soon reveal it's light green bells and for the first time in 5 years I have carrots!

This picture made me want to visit Bruges.
Funny GIF by Oamul.
Loving the illustrations of Amyisla Mccombie!

Allotment bouquet

When the plants in my allotment start to flower, I pick the flowers and make a small bouquet to brighten our living room. These flowers are blossoming now.

Happy weekend!


I was recently featured in a weekend magazine. It was a spread about 'women with green thumbs'  :-)
So weird to see yourself printed on paper. I'll keep it for a trip down memory lane in a few decades!

Deco Room with Plants

Three  weeks ago I was in New York and came across this beautiful book of the very talented Satoshi Kawamoto, a very talented plant artist and owner of Green Fingers in New York and Tokyo. The book shows how you can easily incorporate plants indoor. He has a great sense of style and even though the book is written in Japanese, i'm inspired by all the amazing pictures. 


 Alchemilla mollis

Helichrysum italicum

Salvia nemerosa & Papaver somniferum 

The flowers in my garden are starting to blossom! I can't wait till July - August when everything is at his best. What's growing in your gardens?

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