Allotment bouquet

When the plants in my allotment start to flower, I pick the flowers and make a small bouquet to brighten our living room. These flowers are blossoming now.

Happy weekend!


I was recently featured in a weekend magazine. It was a spread about 'women with green thumbs'  :-)
So weird to see yourself printed on paper. I'll keep it for a trip down memory lane in a few decades!

Deco Room with Plants

Three  weeks ago I was in New York and came across this beautiful book of the very talented Satoshi Kawamoto, a very talented plant artist and owner of Green Fingers in New York and Tokyo. The book shows how you can easily incorporate plants indoor. He has a great sense of style and even though the book is written in Japanese, i'm inspired by all the amazing pictures. 


 Alchemilla mollis

Helichrysum italicum

Salvia nemerosa & Papaver somniferum 

The flowers in my garden are starting to blossom! I can't wait till July - August when everything is at his best. What's growing in your gardens?

A few items are still for sale in our shop.
Hi everyone!Just to let you all know that we did a shop update today. For 1 month all our products will be for sale in our web shop. We hope you like what you see! Happy Easter! 
A big thank you to Anne and Rena for the blog reviews on Pots & Paper #3 ! You can find them here and here